Plastic Surgery in Thailand Enquiry: What to discuss

Plastic Surgery in Thailand Enquiry: What to discuss

Two countries come up every time you discuss international plastic surgery in Australia—South Korea and Thailand. While the former is well-known for their expertise in cosmetic surgery, the latter has few commendable Australian-Thailand cosmetic surgery accommodation and medical facilities. These facilities even hire Australian hosts and hostesses to help Aussies with everything that has to do with getting a plastic surgery Thailand has these days.

Plastic Surgery Thailand

If you’re interested in, let’s say, a Breast Augmentation or a Vaser Liposelection, some Thailand-stationed companies owned by Australian surgeons and affiliations will help you from a Thailand plastic surgery consultation right until the follow-up check-ups.

Again, why a plastic surgery in Thailand?

Medical Tourism

As travel regulations become more flexible, an impacting global healthcare phenomenon called Medical Tourism enables more than 15, 000 Aussies go abroad for surgery. Mostly, the primary reason is the price. A plastic surgery Thailand has these days is definitely cheaper than the average cosmetic surgery you can get in your country. Compared internationally, it’s even half the price. However, it’s still the same quality procedure and results delivered by licensed surgeons, only with a lower price.


Next, Thailand has a reputation for the best cosmetic surgery procedures. It wouldn’t reach a status like that if Thai surgeons performed mediocre surgery procedures. As a leading medical tourism destination, they can earn such mountainous amounts like $4.31 billion from medical revenues alone, like they did in 2013.

Plastic surgery can elevate anyone’s self-esteem and sustain an overall positive outlook on life. Of course, there will be risks and limitations. After you have properly assessed your Thai cosmetic surgeon, there are things you’ll need to clarify before you book that flight.

Since the main medical facility is in Thailand, you can include these factors in that enquiry form you can send to their website:

What you should expect. Consider enquiring about the general process of a plastic surgery experience. This is a more of a “bigger-picture” question. Next, if you have read their FAQs, ask more specific questions that are not just answerable by “yes” or “no”. Discuss what you should expect before, during, and after the procedure.

Share your goals briefly but precisely. Since this is just an enquiry, make sure to cover all the things you need to share to the facility. Doing this will save you from miscommunications. Also, is it your goal to please your partner, to be more attractive for work, or to fix a medical condition? You must discuss these details no matter how sensitive they may sound to achieve the best plastic surgery Thailand offers nowadays.

Expense and time. Generally, in a plastic surgery facility’s website, the payment methods are already given in the FAQs. For example, the Australian-based Mac Credit can assist patients financially overseas. They can even cover your whole trip since they have a partner stationed in Thailand, the Thailand Makeover surgery facility. So make sure you can discuss their financial undertaking. Also, make it clear that you can cover the expenses of the surgery and fix your schedule before you confirm that you’re really in.

Plastic surgery is a life-changing experience. Before you agree to this major decision, think about it real hard and study how they manage things in there. If you need it, take some adequate time on reflecting.