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OnScreen DNA Model

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Adaptable to Your Needs

OnScreen DNA™ has been designed for maximum flexibility of teacher/student utilization. It is organized into learning activities, each one provided with a detailed on-screen guide to make sure you get the full benefit of the software's features. However, you are free to use the activities as you wish, since OnScreen DNA™ does not lock you into following prescribed steps. Furthermore, there are three editions to choose from. See the editions description page for more information on this.

The option to use password protection for access to tests and test results lets you, the teacher, determine how your students use the testing activities that accompany the learning activities. You can skip the tests altogether, use them just as a means of feedback to the students, “count” the tests as part of your evaluation, or combine these uses serially.

Wishing for a minimum-maintenance science software title to install in your school's computer lab? Order a site-license for OnScreen DNA™ Pro to get a guided tutorial on DNA structure and function that is far beyond anything else that's available.

The text of the on-screen guides necessarily assumes a certain minimal level of sophistication, but middle school teachers can beneficially lead students through the activities at a level they feel appropriate to them. Don't underestimate what students can learn just by “playing with” OnScreen DNA™, especially when challenged to make observations and answer questions about what they've observed.

Are you a teacher wanting a way to project a demonstration of the essential features of DNA structure for your classes? Just familiarize yourself with the features of OnScreen DNA Lite™ beforehand, and then take your class on a 3D tour of the double helix and its molecular components and chemical bonds, pausing whenever you want to make your own points. Better yet, get the Standard editon and you'll be able to add playable/pausable 3D simulations of transcription and replication, which you can project and provide commentary on as well.

Are you homeschooling and looking for a self-contained, complete guide to the structure of DNA? Install OnScreen DNA Lite™ on your PC or Mac and turn it over to your pupils. We're confident you and they will find it a great addition to other sources in books and on the internet.

Whether you're an individual looking for a clearer understanding of DNA's structure or a science teacher with access to one or a hundred computers, one of the three editions of OnScreen DNA™ can provide a uniquely valuable supplement to your other materials. Purchase confidently. With our no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee you have sixty days for evaluation.

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